• Character Building

    BYU Continuing Education offers a variety of character-building classes, workshops and activities that are sure to spark your interest and help you become a little better.

  • Intellectually Challenging

    It’s never too late to engage in a little mental exercise! There are many opportunities to challenge your intellect through courses and conferences offered by BYU Continuing Education.

  • Spiritually Strengthening

    BYU Continuing Education offers hundreds of opportunities to be spiritually fed, uplifted and taught eternal truths. Why not step out of the world for a time and attend our conferences and workshops?

  • Mentally Enlarging

    You can take programs and courses on hundreds of subjects. Some programs offer credit; others are for personal enrichment. You can even earn a bachelor’s degree largely through BYU Continuing Education.

  • Friendship Forging

    You need not be a student of Brigham Young University to participate in most of these continuing education programs. Meet people from around the globe and from many different backgrounds!

Conferences, workshops, classes, symposiums, camps, and more for all ages.